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Premium Carpet Tiles in Nashville, TN

Reimagine your approach to building presentation booths for your clients at trade shows with our selection of premium carpet tiles in Nashville, TN. The Music City is a booming destination for tourists and major conventions alike, and that means countless trade shows and presentations. has developed an approach that is geared to the presenter and the places they will spend days at a time on their feet.

Entering the Art World

When visitors attend an art show, they want it to be a fully immersive experience so that they can enjoy it on a variety of levels. It should capture patrons in a physical way, as well as emotionally and spiritually. Any event that does less will fall flat regardless of the quality of the art because the guests will be drawn away from the artwork into awareness of their surroundings. By relying on, you will not have to worry about that happening.

We provide art exhibition flooring that will complement your venue and, more importantly, the artwork itself. Guests will be comfortable while viewing the pieces on display, and that will be due to the art exhibition flooring in a significant way. A cushioned floor is one that invites people to linger in relaxation, which is the perfect recipe for art appreciation. Not only that, but our flooring helps to minimize noise which can distract from the art on display.

Our comfortable flooring options are not just inviting and relaxing to stand upon, but they also look good while doing it. We carry nothing but the best quality flooring so you know that you can shop from us with confidence that the products we offer are second to none. They are top-quality and look great.

Transcendent Trade Show Flooring

Each of these tiles is crafted from industrial-grade carpet to ensure they retain their fresh look and vivid color. Mix and match these trade show floor tiles with beveled edges and corners to create seamless transitions that your clients are sure to notice.

A Broad Palette of Colors

Make others take notice when you purchase custom floor tile in a selection of colors that match your presentation. We can flock your logo design and other icons to tiles in a variety of colors, including:

  • Dark Charcoal
  • Light Charcoal
  • Green
  • White
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Chrome
  • Black

Shop our premium products for:

  • Firm, flexible foot and leg support minimizes fatigue from walking and standing, allowing you to stay energized.
  • Exclusive beveled edge and corner tile that provides an attractive transition from the aisle to the booth and helps prevent tripping.
  • The freedom to decorate your tiles your way. We will flock your logo design and other art on any of our premium stain-resistant carpet tiles.

Size and Pricing:

Size Container Premium Carpet
10'x10' 1 @ 30 lbs. $399.00 ($3.99/sq ft)
10'x20' 2 @ 60 lbs. $778.00 (3.89/sq ft)
20'x20' 4 @ 120 lbs. $1,516.00 ($3.79/sq ft)

Corrugated plastic carrying case measures 52" x 27" x 9".

Greater than 400 sq. ft. booth: $3.69/sq. ft. (Note: A surcharge applies to "Optional," "Custom" and "Logo" configurations.) Individual pieces priced in accordance with square footage guidelines. Mix the tile sizes to create a custom size.